Aerial Silks

Three young women climb towards the skies to perform a synchronized aerial ballet.

Aerial silks is an exciting and sensuous act, a product of the new age of circus, performed as high as the venue allows, with the entire length of the fabric used as the stage. Feats of strength, graceful figures and breath taking tumbles are executed by intertwining body and fabric. The act can be performed as a solo, a duet, or a trio.

Rock and Roll and women on metal.  Performed on an aerial structure created by Peter Boulanger, this is the high energy, in-your-face act of Cirque Phoenix.  Intricate choreagraphy and spectacular moves define this act.


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The newest creation of Peter Boulanger, Skyladder is a delicate looking collection of bars and wires, reaching up to 32 feet in length, and hung from up to 40 feet high. The acrobats move up and down the entire length of the structure, using both wires and bars and each other to influence their movement.  Skyladder can be performed as a solo structure, or as two separate structures performed simultaneously.
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Cirque Phoenix has a free standing tower for outdoors, or venues that don’t have suitable rigging points.  The tower can be set up to 24 feet high, and takes aproximately 1½ hours to set up, depending on the venue.  Solo silk, Triceau, and Cerceau can all be performed on the tower.